Δесьłом (The colors) 
  Δенам     Denam     English  
  тем     tem     white  
  рос     xoz     pink  
*   епаłос     eparoz     red  
*   амберос     ambexoz     orange  
  амбер     ambex     amber  
  гłес     grez     forest green  
  асиł     azur     azure  
  нyь     nyq     black  

Colors indicated with an asterisk are not basic color terms in Delang. While English has 11 basic color terms[1], Delang has only 6[2].

  1. "black," "white," "red," "green," "yellow," "blue," "brown," "orange," "pink," "purple" and "gray."
  2. "black," "white," "pink," "forest green," "amber," a shade of orange and yellow, and "azure," a shade of blue.

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