The carnackfish, ьаłнаьѡƕпіѕь[1] (qarnaqwhpisq) /qaɹnaqwpi:sq/, is an unfortunately common and slow fish. It is carnivore in nature, and lure its prey by mimicking its prey's food source. When its prey is close enough it attacks, bites, and injects a poison into its prey. The poison paralyzes the pray so that the carnackfish can hide it for later consumption.

The carnackfish' poison is also lethal to humans. Over the years since the source people landed on Illte, only a couple of handful people has survived being bitten by a carnackfish without getting an injection of antidote within minutes after the bite. And of those few who has survived, only two[2] has escaped being crippled for life.

Since antidote has been easily available, and it has been required by law to have at least two injections in every boat, most people who accidentally gets attacked by a carnackfish survives the ordeal.

  1. From ьаłне (qarne) /qaɹne/ - meat, flesh; аьѡƕ (aqwh) /aqw/ - water & піѕь (pisq) /pi:sq/ - fish. Literally fleshwaterfish. It kills its prey by liquefying the flesh of its prey. According to survivors the process feels like one's flesh is on fire. The pain being excruciating.
  2. That's two in 1000 years. According to the survivors, such a survival is not really an option. Death would have been better.